New London Police & Communications

The communications department remains at full staff, with the addition of Andy Lubrano taking the open part time position.  Part Time dispatcher Sue Gregory resigned. We wish her well as she pursues other interests.

Heidi Dunlap remains our Terminal Agency Coordinator and Dispatch Supervisor.  She attends the annual TAC training to keep us up to date with FBI & State of New Hampshire requirements.  Training continues with Austin Brown completing the APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator 1 certification early in 2017.  All full time dispatchers are Telecommunicator 1 certified. The 4 day State Police Online Terminal System Certification training was completed as well as online recertification for staff. 

The Annual NHEDA training conference and monthly trainings were attended. Topics included:  Dispatch Redundancy & Awareness of Field Responders; Leveraging Technology to Mitigate Disaster Response; NH Critical Incident Stress Debriefing;  High Performance Emergency Medical Dispatch & CPR; NH Public Safety Broadcast Network; 911 for 911: A Case Study of Evacuation of a Regional Communications Center; The Communications Center’s Role in Fire ground Emergency; Liability for 2017; Electrical Hazard Awareness; Granite State Fire Service Support Team; I’m Just Dying to go to Work –Stress & Health job related issues; NH SPOTS Discussion.  

The dispatch center enjoys the upgraded antenna tower system and we are working on the final phase of the system.  This will provide the area with the best possible radio coverage.  We will be seeking a grant to finalize this project. 

Dispatch handled 20,504 calls for service this year, slightly up from last year.  Dispatch serves Wilmot, Sutton, Newbury, Croydon, and Sunapee police, fire and ambulance as well as ambulance for Springfield and day medical calls for Andover, in addition to the Town of New London. 

Dispatch can get you the services you need in a timely manner whenever you call, but waiting could delay or impair the ability to resolve the situation.   Please call as soon as an incident occurs.  We are here to serve and it is our pleasure to do so.

Respectfully submitted,

Edward G Andersen

Chief of Police

         Dispatch Roster 2016

Heidi Dunlap, Comm Supervisor

Kimberly (Kim) Lavin

Gregory (Greg) Barthol

Austin Brown

William (BJ) Hardy

Juliet Valela

Andrew (Andy) Lubrano