New London Police & Communications

                                                                           Communications Department 2016

The communications department is at full staff, with personnel changes including Austin Brown moving to full time and Juliet Valela moving to part time.  Training continues and Greg Barthol completed the APCO public Safety Telecommunicator 1 certification earlier this year, with Austin scheduled in early 2017.  Full time dispatchers are Heidi Dunlap, dispatch supervisor; Kim Lavin; both of whom are APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator 1 certified as well as having completed the APCO Fire Service Communications training.  Austin Brown and Greg Barthol complete the full time roster.  Part time dispatchers are Susan Gregory and Juliet Valela, APCO Public safety Telecommunicator 1 certified and William Hardy. We also have a conditional offer out for another part time dispatcher.   Heidi Dunlap remains our Terminal Agency Coordinator and Dispatch Supervisor. Heidi attends annual TAC training to keep us up to date with FBI and State of NH requirements. 

The dispatch center has upgraded its radio and antenna tower systems to provide our dispatch agencies quality service.  The new dispatch consoles we purchased were installed and are functional at this time.  They have been on line about a year and are a significant improvement in quality of signal as well as reliability. 

Communication has dramatically improved with the second phase of the antenna towers being completed.  Phase III, the final phase, will insure the best possible coverage for the entire area.  We have proceeded by ordering the study work to see if the existing tower will meet our needs.   

Dispatch handled 20,427 calls for service this year.  In addition to the town of New London, dispatch serves the communities of Wilmot, Sutton, Newbury, Croydon, and Sunapee for police, fire & ambulance, as well as ambulance service for the town of Springfield.

This year dispatch formed the New London Communications Advisory Board.  The board consists of representatives from some of the area departments we provide service for.  Current members are Chief Edward Andersen and Communications Supervisor Heidi Dunlap of New London Police Department, Chief Jason Lyon of New London Fire Department, Chief David Cahill of Sunapee Police Department, EMS Captain Wendy Grimes with Sutton Fire Department, and Tim Monahan, Director of Emergency Services with New London Hospital.  Board members are appointed for one and two year terms.  The primary purpose of this board is to be the liaison between dispatch and their respective communities.

Please remember, if you hear something or see something, call.  We are here to assist you and send the services you need right away.  It is our pleasure to serve. 

Respectfully submitted,


Edward G Andersen

Chief of Police

         Dispatch Roster 2016

Heidi Dunlap, Comm Supervisor

Kimberly (Kim) Lavin

Gregory (Greg) Barthol

Austin Brown

Susan (Sue) Gregory

William (BJ) Hardy

Juliet Valela

Andrew (Andy) Lubrano