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The Communications Center remains at full staff, currently we have 4 full time dispatchers and 3 part time dispatchers.  Heidi Dunlap remains our Dispatch Supervisor and (TAC) Terminal Agency Coordinator.  She attends the annual TAC Training to ensure we are up to date and compliant with the FBI and State of NH requirements.  Additionally, she completed her APCO International Fire Communications Recertification; APCO International Communications Center Supervisor Training, and NH Department of Safety – Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training. 

 Kim Lavin completed her APCO International Communications Training Officer Recertification as well as her APCO International Fire Communications Recertification.  Greg Barthol attended the 2018 NHEDA (NH Emergency Dispatcher Association) Training and Conference, a 3 day training held in North Conway in April.  Austin Brown attended the 2018 NHEDA Training and Conference also, and is an executive board member for NHEDA.  He attends a monthly meeting and training, the trainings for 2018 included NH E911, Clandestine Labs, TERT training, State Resources, State Resources, K9, NH Information and Analysis Center, Stress Response, and Drones 101.

Dispatch handled 25,285 calls for service this year, up nearly 5,000 calls from 2017.  In addition to the town of New London, dispatch serves the towns of Wilmot, Sutton, Newbury, Croydon, Sunapee and ambulance for the town of Springfield.

As a reminder of the “See Something, Say Something” program.  We welcome you to call or stop by to report situations as soon as possible.  If something feels wrong, it probably is. Help us to serve you by reporting right away so we can get the services required on their way. 

As always, we appreciate the support of our community.  Thank you. 

Respectfully submitted,

Edward G Andersen

Chief of Police

             Dispatch Roster 

Heidi Dunlap, Comm Supervisor

Kimberly (Kim) Lavin

Gregory (Greg) Barthol

Austin Brown

William (BJ) Hardy

Andrew (Andy) Lubrano