The New London Police Communications Center provides service to several different towns. We dispatch Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for New London, Newbury, Sunapee, Sutton, Wilmot, and Croydon.

In addition, we dispatch: Police for Goshen and EMS for Grantham.

We handle both emergency and non-emergency calls 24 hours a day. For emergencies always dial 911. For non-emergency calls, please dial the appropriate number listed on the right. If you call with an emergency please try to give us your location first and then the nature of the emergency.

Being able to get help to you at the right location is our first priority.

To help us serve you better, we ask you to stay calm and listen to the dispatcher, the questions they are asking are to insure that necessary help is sent.

Remain on the line until you are told to hang up. If you feel that you are in danger by staying on the line, advise the dispatcher of this and they will have you move to a safe location.

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