New London Police & Communications


Chief Edward Andersen, was sworn in as the sixth full time Chief of Police March 13, 2014.  Chief Andersen is no stranger to the town of New London, commencing his career in law enforcement as a New London Police  Cadet.  He subsequently became a Dispatcher, part time Officer, full time Officer, Corporal, Sergeant and finally Chief of Police.

Chief Edward Andersen               Officer Christopher Currier

Lieutenant Emily Cobb                 Officer Russell Lamson

Sergeant David Keith                    Officer Timothy Monahan

Detective Ernest Rowe                 Officer Michael Wilson

Officer Joshua Fisher                    Officer Thomas Anderson

Officer Eben Lamson                    Crossing Guard Mary Hoyt

Officer  James MacKenna             Crossing Guard Matt Hoyt

Officer Geoffrey Daley                  Admin. Asst. Donna Larrow

Officer Stefanie Welch                  K9 Vilo                                    

Staffing changes in 2017 included hiring Detective Ernest “Buddy” Rowe who joins New London from the Newport Police Department where he held the title of Lieutenant, with over 12 years of experience.    Officer Geoff Daley was hired and completed the Part Time Academy in October. He was then hired as a Full Time patrolman in November.  Andrew Lubrano, retired NH State Police, was hired as a Part Time Officer as well as a Communications Specialist.  We are fortunate to have them join our team. Officer Emily Cobb was promoted to Lieutenant in February, following the retirement of Lt. Tom Anderson. Officer Marshall Osgood and Officer Rick Mastin retired from law enforcement.  We wish them well in their new endeavors.

Officer Joshua Fisher and K9 Vilo graduated the VT Police K9 Academy Patrol School in November.  The first shift they worked after graduation, they apprehended a suspect and had a successful article find  that turned out to be drugs.   Officer Fisher and K9 Vilo are scheduled for drug detection school in 2018. We congratulate Officer Fisher and K9 Vilo and look forward to many years of service to the Town of New London.  Again we thank the citizens for their continued support in making this program a reality. 

Mary Hoyt joined the department to manage the school crosswalk in the afternoons.  She has enjoyed working with the students.  Matthew Hoyt has also recently joined the staff to direct the school buses during the afternoon dismissal.  You will also see Mary during the summer months particularly, enforcing the town’s parking ordinance.  

We applied for and obtained grants from NH Highway Safety in the amount of $6,845.00 for Stop Sticks, Hand Held Radar, Speed Board and in car Cruiser camera system. The camera system is used for the K9 cruiser.  These grants saved the Town of New London thousands of dollars.  In response to the  community’s feedback regarding speeding vehicles on many of our roads, we purchased a solar panel radar speed sign that will be utilized from spring through the fall.   It has been said, a sign has an effectiveness of about three weeks before it is ignored; we hope by moving the sign around we can educate the public on the speeds they are traveling.  Our plan is once the sign is relocated, we will use the hand held radar to enforce the posted limits.  We will be vigilant in processing speeding motorists. 

We received $22,360.00 in Highway Safety Grants that are used to target driving while impaired motorists and traffic violations.  We conduct these patrols to have high visibility to the motoring public and to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities.

Training this year included: NHMA- Right to Know for Governmental records-Law enforcement; Maintain Police Personnel files & File redaction; Updates- NIBRS, UCT tables & codes, Pistol Permits, Accident Reports; Internal Affairs Investigations; Part time Police Academy; Field Training Officer; Law Enforcement Interview Tactics; Search & Seizure Mobile Enforcement Training; Tactical Handcuffing; Use of Force; Defensive Driving; Taser Instructor; Incident Command System for Single Resources & Initial Action Incident; Introduction to Incident Command System; Law Enforcement Supervisor’s Course; Canine Patrol; On-Going 3 year fitness testing Instructor refresher; Property & Evidence Room Management Training; FLETC Active Shooter Threat Training; FLETC Leadership for Women in Law Enforcement; CNSOU ongoing training; Interview & Interrogation, Conflict in Workplace; Whatever Happened to Civility, Courtesy & Respect;  Intoxilizer Operator, and Felonies First training. Crime Scene processing and photographing the crime scene was taught by the New London Police Detective to the entire staff. 

Our statistics show again that 12500 calls for service in 2017 averages to more than 30 calls per day.

We continued our public service events including our 5th “Stuff a Cruiser” event as well as raising funds with a beard challenge to support the Kearsarge Food Pantry.  We continue to help educate our community with evacuation drills at the elementary school, talk with preschoolers and fingerprint demonstration for science class.  Officer James MacKenna continues our DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program with the elementary school.  Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) class was presented to the public. This year three of our officers participated as advisors or instructors in the NH Police Cadet Training Academy.   As always, you will see us during the New London Hospital Day’s events and celebrating Halloween with the younger members of our community. 

Our detective represents the Town of New London in crime intelligence and drug intelligence meetings and contributes information as well as taking part in many investigations to include crimes such as;  theft by deception, burglary, drug seizures, sexual assaults and routine background investigations for employment.  We continue to provide public talks involving such topics as fraud and being a good witness. 

On behalf of the department, I would like to thank the citizens of the community for your support and commitment to the departments and employees of the Town of New London.  Without your support, we would not be able to provide the service you have come to know.

 Respectfully Submitted,

Edward G Andersen

Chief of Police