New London Police Department welcomes new Police Officer Emily Cobb at swearing in ceremony February 8, 2016 


"CRUISER"  came to live at the station in April 2015.  Now a  year old, he has made this his home. 

2016 Roster                                  Officer Christopher Currier

Chief Edward Andersen                Officer Russell Lamson

Lt. Thomas Anderson                    Officer Richard Mastin

Sgt. David Keith                              Officer Timothy Monahan

Officer Joshua Fisher                     Officer Michael Wilson

Officer Eben Lamson                     Officer Peter Crowell

Officer James MacKenna               Detective Marshall Osgood

Officer Emily Cobb                         Admin. Asst. Donna Larrow

New London Police Department 2015

In 2015, staffing changes included the promotion of Thomas Anderson to Lieutenant and David Keith to Sergeant. Leaving from the department were Sgt David Zuger who became the Wilmot Chief of Police and Matt McClay after fifteen years of service, resigned to spend more time with his family and business.  We hired Timothy Monahan, who has successfully completed the part time police academy. Officer James MacKenna has completed the full time police academy.  

Lifesaving awards were presented to Officers Eben Lamson, James MacKenna and Sgt David Keith.  We are very proud of our officers in this department that are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. 

Upgrades in the department included new weapon systems, trading in our Sig Sauer’s and obtaining Smith and Wesson pistols.  Sturm Ruger generously donated 15 backup weapons.  We upgraded to a 2015 Dodge pickup, police special service vehicle and a Dodge Durango for the detective.  This replaced our 2006 Dodge caravan and our 2010 Ford explorer.  We have upgraded the training range to include on site storage.    Thank you to Carroll Concrete for the donation of equipment and labor to help us complete our upgrades.   

In 2015 training included:  Back Ground Investigations for Employees; Sexual Offender & Physical Abuser Typology; Sexual Offender Registration; Understanding the Sexual Offender and Physical Abuser;  Certified International Association Property and Evidence Management; First Responder to Bio Threats, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Drug Labs; Hand Cuffing; Harassment Training: Lidar Training; Stress Management.  We conducted an active shooter training at Colby Sawyer College which was a multi-function training including; the fire Department, dispatch and police. Officer James MacKenna has completed the DARE instructor program.

We continued our public service events including our third Stuff a cruiser event, public speaking on current criminal trends and impaired driving; we hosted the Citizens Advisory Committee and the third “touch a truck” event.   We added a very convenient drug drop off box in our lobby.  A list of what can be received is itemized on the box.  This year we have continued to improve the operation of Hospital Days events for the safety of participants and the public; we changed the triathlon route, included lights at the crosswalk and closed a section of Main Street for a portion of the time.   Runners are now coming up to the center of the business district.  We will try to continue to improve the flow for the motoring public. Halloween changes this year were well received by most. We closed Main Street from Newport Road/Everett Park to Pleasant Street.    In 2016 we plan to include from Pleasant Street to Seamans Road. This is for a period of four hours and is for not only for the safety of the children but to restore the community spirit.  As we get closer to Halloween there will be announcements of the changes.    

Our calls for service in 2015 were up slightly by a few hundred from 2014 at over 14,400 calls.  Our sexual assaults are high compared to past years and 911 calls continue to increase.  Our arrests continue to hover over 200.  We average an arrest every 38 hours, please see attached breakdown included.    

I would like to clarify some common misconceptions of the law enforcement community.  Police officers do not target colors or types of cars, rather they look at the committed offense to determine if a stop is warranted.  Another common misconception is that we write tickets to meet a quota or generate funds for the town.  The New London police department does not have quotas.  New Hampshire Law enforcement does not financially benefit from fines imposed when a citation is written.   The funds go to the State of NH general fund.

And finally, I would like to thank the all the town employees that make this town a wonderful place to live and work.  I would like to thank the citizens for their continued support.  Thank You.

Respectfully submitted,

Edward G Andersen

Chief of Police

Chief Edward Andersen, was sworn in as the sixth full time Chief of Police March 13, 2014.  Chief Andersen is no stranger to the town of New London, commencing his career in law enforcement as a New London Police  Cadet.  He subsequently became a Dispatcher, part time Officer, full time Officer, Corporal, Sergeant and finally Chief of Police.

New London Police & Communications

Officer Peter Crowell was sworn in March 24, 2016