New London Police & Communications

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                                     Emily Cobb, Chief of Police

                                                March 31, 2020

Chief Emily Cobb                           Officer Christopher Currier

Detective Lt Ernest Rowe             Officer Timothy Monahan

Sergeant David Keith                    Officer Michael Wilson

Corporal Eben Lamson                 Officer Thomas Anderson

Officer James MacKenna               Officer William Hardy

Officer Geoffrey Daley                   Admin. Asst Donna Larrow   

Canine Vilo                                       Records Walter Hodgdon

Officer Stefanie Welch                 

Officer Joseph Walz       

Officer Joshua Boone                                               

Emily was born and raised in Claremont, NH by her parents Bill and Elaine Binder and has one older sibling, Bill.  Emily attended Stevens High School where she first developed her interest in the field of Criminal Justice and graduated in the year 2000.  With her father’s dedication to the community as a fire fighter for the City of Claremont, where he later retired as a Lieutenant, and her mother’s numerous years of being a Registered Nurse and Case Manager at local hospitals in the Claremont area, Emily’s keen interest in contributing to her community continued to grow.  Their example instilled in her a strong work ethic and an intense desire to assist people in their most difficult and challenging situations.

In the fall of 2000 Emily enrolled in Lasell University located in Newton, MA where she eventually majored in the field of Criminal Justice.  During her summers she was given the opportunity to work  at the law office of Witkus & Wilson located in Newport, NH.  These summer experiences, combined with her internship at the Southborough, MA Police Department, exposed her to numerous facets of the legal and judicial system, helped focus her passion and set her on the road to becoming a police officer.  Emily graduated in December 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Studies and a second minor in Psychology.

During the summer of 2004 and prior to graduation from Lasell, Emily’s desire to dive into her law enforcement career continued to grow and she began working for the Parks Department for the City of Claremont as a Park Ranger.  Emily was responsible for enforcing park rules and regulations, monitoring and reporting suspicious activity and the security of the property.  This opportunity allowed her to work cooperatively with the Claremont Police Department.  These interactions provided an opportunity for her to apply for, and be hired as, a Communications Specialist for the department.  During any opportunity, break or holiday from school, Emily worked in the Communications Center of the department and was informed when an opening for Patrol Officer was available.  Emily, while completing the necessary steps for graduation, underwent the hiring process to become a Patrol Officer for the City of Claremont.  After interviewing, passing the physical, psychological and polygraph test, Emily earned the opportunity to become a Patrol Officer for the department and in January of 2005 attended the New Hampshire Police Academy.  After twelve grueling weeks, Emily passed the academy and became a certified police officer in the State of New Hampshire.

After graduation Emily returned to the Claremont Police Department and was ready to get to work.  And work is exactly what Emily did.  Throughout her career at the Claremont Police Department she steadily climbed from the rank of Patrol Officer, Corporal, and Sergeant, working many years in patrol and eventually transitioning to the criminal division.  Both patrol and the criminal division were very rewarding and allowed her to establish her identity as a police officer and supervisor.  Also during this time she had the privilege to be involved in challenging cases, take part in community programs, and become a staff member for many years at the NH Police Cadet Training Academy, which is a week long program for youth who have an interest in law enforcement.

In 2016 Emily was recruited to join the New London, NH Police Department and had to deliberate at length before making her decision.  Emily struggled with the prospect of leaving the community and police department that had helped forge her into the professional that she had become.  Bonds and relationships in the Claremont community and the police department were strong and the idea of leaving that required careful consideration.  Eventually Emily decided that it was time for her to branch out as a law enforcement professional and as an individual, and she agreed to join the community of New London.  She describes it as one of the “greatest decisions of her life.”  The Town of New London’s dedication to its first responders has been impressive and incredibly supportive.  The team that she is part of is “comprised of some of the finest professionals” that she has had the opportunity to work alongside. 

In March of 2020, Emily was offered the opportunity to become the Chief of Police for the New London Police Department, which she accepted.  She is humbled and honored to have been selected and she eagerly looks forward to the next exciting chapter of her career.  Emily looks forward to having her husband Neill Cobb, Lieutenant at Sunapee Police Department; her 7 year old son Tristan; her 4 year old daughter Madeline and her family’s yellow lab, Camden, alongside her in this journey as Police Chief. When asked what beliefs and insights as a law enforcement professional she has developed through her many years in law enforcement,


                                                                       Emily says:

"I believe the role of police in our society is to provide public safety and security to both people and property.  Our duty is to uphold the rule of law and to enforce those laws while we enhance a deep level of trust between the agency and the citizens of the community we serve.  It is our duty to prevent, deter and investigate criminal activity throughout our community while establishing a strong sense of security for the people who live, work and enjoy the recreational opportunities our area provides.  I will task the police department with the aforementioned items, being a resource to people needing assistance during difficult times, and creating special relationships within our community.”  Emily clearly loves the profession that she has chosen.  She eagerly states that despite the years she has been a law enforcement professional she finds or learns something new practically every day she comes to work.  “It’s the fact that, as a police officer, you may be investigating a motor vehicle accident during the start of shift, spend the afternoon reading books to elementary students in the middle of your shift and then end your shift enforcing motor vehicle laws and protecting the community.  It’s the randomness and fluidity of a work day that keeps my passion alive, motivates me to see what the next day will bring, and whose life I can positively impact in whatever way that I can.”