Chief Emily Cobb                           Officer Chris Currier

Detective Lt Ernest Rowe             Officer Michael Wilson

Lieutenant David Keith                 Officer Thomas Anderson 

Corporal Eben Lamson                 Officer James MacKenna

Officer Geoffrey Daley                  Canine Vilo

Officer Stefanie Welch                  

Officer Joseph Walz                        Admin Asst Donna Larrow

Officer Brett McKenney      


Canine Vilo

Officer McKenney saves a baby owl.

Chief Emily Cobb

MISSION STATEMENT The Mission of the New London Police Department is to provide professional law enforcement and dispatching services to all members of the community, to fairly and impartially enforce the law, to protect the lives and safeguard the property of all people, and to promote a safe environment through effective collaboration with the public. We will do so while incorporating values such as respect, integrity, professionalism, and fairness while holding ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards in order to foster and maintain public trust.

 VISION STATEMENTThe New London Police Department will strive to be a leader among law enforcement agencies and communications centers in New Hampshire by implementing best practices and ensuring our members receive training of the highest caliber. In our programs, services, and activities we will nurture public trust by demonstrating our commitment to community.

New London Police & Communications